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About Sunlit

Since 1992, Sunlit Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing high precision terminals for computer connectors and metal stamping parts. With our many years of experience, we now develop and manufacture the tooling of ultra-precise stamping with a minimum pitch of 0.3 mm, and a minimum thickness of 0.05 mm.


In 1998 we’ve successfully designed and developed Compact Flash Card Connectors and SMT connectors, and hold over 20 patents worldwide in the field of CF card connectors. Sunlit has become a professional manufacturer of high precision stamping and CF card connectors in Taiwan because of our long-standing expertise in both contact technology and molding techniques.


We believe in not only delivering products on time, but also delivering service, quality, professionalism and reliability. This is what you can expect from Sunlit.


Sunlit is enhancing its sales service in the global market and expanding its investment, developing innovative technology to satisfy our commitment to our customers.


We strive to become the most valuable provider of CF card connectors, Memory Card Connectors, and SMT connectors in the world.


Major Products

1.High precision metal stamping parts.
2.Forging & Stamping for special-shapes with parts of varying thickness.
3.Compact Flash card connectors.
4.Connectors for SMT process.
5.Memory Card Connectors.


Core Competencies

Plating:State-of-the-art facility for gold, nickel, silver, and special materials.
Stamping:High precision equipment (Bruderer, Swiss)
● Minimum pitch of 0.3mm
● Minimum thickness of material of 0.05mm
Molding:Design and manufacture, the molding of high precision rapid stamping.

Assembly:Fully automated assembly equipment
●Please note that Sunlit Precision Technology is the only company which can design and
manufacture CF Card connectors by Fully Automated Assembly Machine in Taiwan.

Coplanarity:We guarantee the lead coplanarity is within 0.1 mm after IR reflow  of the SMT Process.
ODM,OEM Co-operation:Customized design and manufacturing capability
Patents:Hold over 20 patents worldwide to protect intellectual property rights for customers.



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